Things to Remember When Booking Flights to Vietnam

Vietnam has had a chequered history, but the country now welcomes millions of tourists each year. Over 6.8 million people visited the country in 2012 alone, discovering many of its attractions, cities, and highlights for themselves.

Learning more about Vietnam is easy, but nothing compares to the experience of visiting the country ourselves. To do so, we should consider three things when booking our flights into the country.

Which Destination Airport Should We Travel To?

Flights to Vietnam land at numerous international airports in the country. Tan Son Nhat International Airport serves Ho Chi Minh City, for example. Noi Bai is near Hanoi, while Cam Ranh is in the Khanh Hoa Province. We must consider the areas we wish to visit before we can decide which airport would be most appropriate for our journey.

Should We Book Direct or Connecting Flights?

Flights to Vietnam from Australia can be either direct or completed in two or more legs. Two or more flights will incur a longer journey time. However, they will also allow us to enjoy time to explore other parts of Vietnam we may not otherwise have explored.

For instance, we may fly into Can Tho Airport in southern Vietnam, take a day to explore the local area, and then fly north to Cat Bi International Airport near Hanoi to explore further.

Check Prices to Find the Most Affordable Deals

Some say direct flights are more expensive than connecting ones – and vice versa. The only way we can be sure of booking affordable flights to Vietnam is to compare various options. It may depend on the airport we start our journey from and the one we aim to land at. Time of year and day will also factor into the equation, as will the carrier.

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