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Fuel Spill Kit: When To Use

Primarily, a fuel spill kit is designed to be used when you work with oil, diesel fuel, petrol, and other hydrocarbons. They can also be used to clean up cooking oil and other liquids. Most people aren’t sure what type of kit they need and may purchase general use kits because they seem to be

What Are Spill Containment Pallets?

Most companies already have spill kits that can clean up spillage quickly, but what if you could clean up the spillage before it went anywhere? Spill containment pallets help you do that because it’s a pallet that also has sump capabilities. If the drum leaks, it’s in a contained space, which means the spill is

What are Spill Containment Trays?

Spill containment trays, sometimes called spill mats, are designed to be put underneath anything that could leak. You can put them underneath pallets, drums, and other containers, as well. In some industries, spills are bound to happen. Sometimes, machinery leaks or you’ve got containers that are oily or greasy. While these things may not seem

Advantages Of A Fuel Spill Kit

Oil and fuels are used in a variety of industries and can cause serious problems when spillage occurs. Instead of being unprepared and risk injury or damage to the property, you should have a fuel spill kit on hand. Spills can cause delays in operation, as well as safety concerns and health issues. It can

Why Corrosive Storage Cabinets Are Necessary

If you regularly work with corrosives at your job, you may find that corrosive storage cabinets are located all over the facility. The reason is that these liquids and chemicals must be kept separate from other items because they could be flammable or corrosive. If they were to break while on a regular shelf, they

Why Flammable Cabinets Are Essential

Flammables are a necessity for many industries, but that also comes with more risk. You don’t want your employees to get hurt or burned, nor do you want your property to be damaged. Therefore, it is essential that your flammables are stored properly in flammable cabinets, which will keep any chemicals contained and safe, even