Fascinating Museums to Discover While on Flights to Sri Lanka

With a flight time stretching into several hours from Australia, it makes sense for us to find out more about the country while on flights to Sri Lanka.

Museums tell us much about the facts and history of the country. There are many we can visit while there, too. Each one has many stories to tell that reveal more about this fascinating country.

National Maritime Museum

This museum is in Galle, inside the Galle Fort. It has only been open since 1992, so it does not have the long history some other museums in the country have. The building was affected by the tsunami in 2004, although it did manage to survive.

During that disaster, thousands of objects were lost, and the museum closed for several years to recover and to go through renovations. Today, we can see the newly-opened museum and learn about the maritime traditions in the area.

Colombo National Museum

This is located in Colombo. If we wish to learn more about the natural side of the country, with exhibits stretching back hundreds and even thousands of years, this museum is well worth viewing. We can pass the time reading about the rocks, plants, and animal species on display here, as we embark on flights to Sri Lanka, but nothing surpasses seeing those exhibits in person.

Anuradhapura Folk Museum

This provides us with a way to learn more about the folk community in the country. It opened in 1971 and contains many objects and exhibits to help us learn about this culture from its earliest days to modern times.

Flights to Sri Lanka are best taken when we have ways to pass the time. By taking guide books and reading about museums such as these, we can plan our first trips to see attractions when we arrive.

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