Quality Podiatry in Camberwell: Services

Are you suffering from constant stress and tension in your feet? Do you feel sharp aches, pains, or swelling below your ankles or in your feet? Then you may be experiencing ongoing podiatry issues.

Podiatry is an area of medicine focused on the feet and lower limbs. These issues are often overlooked, though they can cause permanent damage to your body, and they can be costly to treat. When searching for a way to assess your condition, you need to consider where you can get the best quality services to diagnose your ailments, and where you can get a treatment plan specifically for you. You need to understand where you can find a great range of services for podiatry in Camberwell.

First, you must consider if treatment is available for common chronic issues, such as arthritis and diabetes complications, which involve inflammation or swelling of the ankle joint and causes major discomfort for people. Second, you must ascertain if treatments are available for sports related injuries. People who frequently engage in running or high cardio activity are at higher risk of joint problems in the leg and feet. Finally, other treatment services that should be included are removal of bunions, calluses and corns, as well as minor surgeries for issues such as ingrown toenails, and more. When looking for the best, you must consider years of experience, health fund rebates, accessibility, and additional benefits.

Adept Podiatry has been offering excellent podiatry service in Camberwell for over 25 years. An extensive range of service offerings are available. The company is a recognised member of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AASPSM), the Australian Podiatry Association, and Sports Medicine Australia. The lead podiatrist, Dr. Peter Moate, is endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to prescribe drugs for your treatment. This means there is no need for an extra visit to a general practitioner to provide your prescriptions. This cuts treatment time, and ensures you heal faster. You may schedule a consultation via phone call.

Come to Adept Podiatry in Camberwell to identify and treat your podiatry issues.

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