Orthotics In Templestowe Lower: The Advantages

Most people don’t realise just how important their feet are. They are the foundation for your body, and they help you move from place to place. Many Australians suffer from common foot problems, such as low arches, neuromas, pain, and more. While it might seem easier to ignore the issue and deal with the pain, you could be making things worse.

It’s best to visit a podiatrist to determine what’s wrong and get appropriate treatment. Many times, podiatrists use orthotics in Templestowe Lower because they ensure the foot is in the right position and relieve pain and pressure points in the feet.

Orthotics in Templestowe Lower are designed to support the foot in ways that traditional shoes cannot. While appropriate footwear is essential, you may need more support. Remember, you have 26 bones in each foot and more than 100 muscles. While the feet may look small or strange, they’re one of the most complex areas of the body and deserve a little extra care and consideration. Podiatrists are doctors that focus primarily on the feet, lower legs, and ankles. They have an intimate knowledge of the feet and use that information to help you feel better while walking or standing.

At Adept Podiatry, they offer a variety of services to help those in need. They can see patients of any age, so you’re welcome to bring your children or spouse. For over 20 years, Dr Moate has been helping people handle their foot pain and reduce it. He uses a variety of assessments, such as biomechanics and gait assessments to determine the issue. He can also help you deal with sports injuries. If you think orthotics in Templestowe Lower are right for you, consider scheduling an appointment. He’ll perform tests and give you an exam to determine what’s wrong and how he can help.

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