The Types of Safety Cabinets Available

Safety cabinets come in a variety of types and styles. However, they are all designed to store products that could be dangerous, such as chemicals and corrosives. The type you choose depends on your needs. For example, a flammable cabinet is designed to house products that can easily catch fire or combust when mixed with other similar products. A corrosive cabinet protects any corrosive material, such as acid so that it cannot react with other products nearby. You can also find two construction styles, including polyethylene and steel.

Safety cabinets are usually required by law to ensure that the items you store for use later cannot cause issues. If they were to spill and were around other products, such as paper or other chemicals, they can catch fire, cause noxious vapours to linger, and many other problems. However, when they are contained, they are safer to store. Plus, most of the cabinet options have removable containment trays that slide underneath the items. If they do leak or spill, the tray catches it all so that it doesn’t leak onto the floor or onto other products. That way, you are protected and can quickly clean up the spill and stop the leak.

At EcoSpill, they have a variety of safety cabinets designed to protect your investment and keep employees and property safe. Their only goal is to ensure that their products meet appropriate Australian Standards so that you rest easy knowing that your products are safe and waiting for you to need them again. Their cabinet styles are only available for indoor use, so it is important that you find an appropriate place to keep the cabinet. They also include adjustable shelves and a variety of other features, such as self-closing doors that latch automatically.

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