Major Points To Consider When Choosing A Removalist

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Moving and Storage Service

Moving house isn’t an easy task, and you’ve probably got some horror stories to contemplate from friends and neighbours. Therefore, you may be dreading the move already before you’ve even become excited about your new home. As a result, many homeowners consider a removalist, like those at Better Home Removals. You’ll get professional service and value for your money throughout the process.


Cost must be mentioned because price usually affects who you’ll choose. If you can get the same quality and services from someone who charges less, you’re apt to do so. The only problem is that it’s tough to determine what services you’ll find and how high the quality will be. Instead of focusing solely on the costs, consider what you get in return. Things to consider include the way your items are moved and packed for you, as well as storage, and the treatment of delicate items.


When choosing a removalist, it’s imperative that you consider their reputation. Meet with prospects in the area and ask pertinent questions. How long they’ve been in business can help you determine if they’re qualified or not. Likewise, you can read testimonials and referrals online. Consider requesting a peek inside a moving vehicle and make sure you get information about insurance and services.


You should meet with the removalist in person and make sure that the individual at your door is the one who will be supervising or handling the move. You’ll feel more comfortable with them and will know that they’ll do a good job. Consider the services they provide, such as insurance, transportation, pick-up/delivery, unpacking/packing, materials, and vehicles. Some will even provide house cleaning and boat or caravan relocation if requested.

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