Crimsafe Security Door – The Extra Little Oomph You Need For Home Security

Criminal activity is rising. Regardless of what is being stolen, be valuable items from home, automobiles, or items from your office, you want to ensure that your home is safe and that no one has easy access inside your home when you’re not there. Therefore, you may want to consider a Crimsafe security door from Central Glass & Aluminium.

Choosing Them

The goal is to use a manufacturer that has a solid foundation in security, and Crimsafe fits that profile. They don’t use glass that could be broken easily and use tough, reinforced materials, including aluminium and other metals.

If you do require a window to make it easier to see who’s calling, you may want one with bars over the window, making it impossible to reach inside after breaking the glass.

The hinges should be located on the inside of the home and not the outside, so thieves cannot remove the hinges and walk right through. Likewise, the door’s frame should be as durable as the door itself to ensure that it cannot be broken.


You can still find a variety of colours, patterns, and features that suit your needs. You can choose something that matches the rest of your home’s décor without sacrificing safety. Plus, you can find other features including patterns, peepholes and much more.

Use It Alone

The Crimsafe security door is designed to be used alone as a full-on security measure against theft. However, if your home is already outfitted for security systems and alarms, you can still use them, creating even more oomph to your home’s security needs.

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