Points To Consider When You Decide To Install Double Glazed Windows

Most homeowners know that nothing beats double glazed windows for insulation against noise and weather conditions. Many homeowners choose to have them installed when they build a home, but they may also consider replacing their current windows, especially those that use only single panes of glass.

You’ll find many types of double-glazed windows, including those with wood frames, uPVC frames, and more. While it can be possible to install them yourself, you may do well to hire the professionals at Weatherall Windows, as they have the experience and tools required to do it properly.

Your Options

A double-glazed window uses two panes of glass within the frame. Various gasses are pumped into the gap between the panes, which improves insulation for both thermal and acoustic needs.

While it is possible to retrofit or replace your windows on your own, it is highly recommended to choose a professional installer. However, if you want a quick fix before the professional can arrive, consider using blocking sheets made of plastic, which can reduce UV glare and provide a slight noise dampening feature, as well.

Retrofit Vs. Replace

Double-glazed windows will cost more compared to regular single-pane versions, so you will pay more initially. However, it’s important to consider the peace of mind you’ll have, as well as how much energy you’ll save each year when determining if these options are best for you.

However, you may wonder if you should replace everything or just have the new window installed. If your wooden frames are beginning to rot or crack, you may want to replace everything and use uPVC, as well as double-glazing, which reduces the risk of rot and other maintenance that wood requires.

If everything is in good condition, but the windows themselves let in the cold and heat, you can have them retrofitted with double-glazed windows.

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