The Reasons That You Should Consider Dental Implants

While most people think that dentures are their only hope when they lose teeth, dentists at National Periodontics realise they aren’t the best choice for most people. Dental implants are an alternative that can make it easier to talk, chew, and clean your mouth. While dentures can be less expensive, they are inconvenient and uncomfortable for almost everyone who uses them. Instead, an implant may be better suited for your needs.

What They Are

Dental implants use small titanium posts that serve as your tooth’s root. They are surgically placed into the gums and allowed to heal. Once healed, the bone will knit to the post, ensuring that it is a permanent fixture in the mouth. Then, a cap or crown is placed over the post to look like a natural tooth. An implant is much better for most in the long-run for a variety of reasons.

Improved Appearance

The first reason that people like dental implants more than dentures is they help your mouth look better. For example, dentures can slip and can cause you to suck in the cheeks frequently to try and keep them in the mouth. Your face looks sunken, and the chin can start to shrink over time, as well. With an implant, you keep your current appearance and look, ensuring that you don’t look older than you are.


Removable dentures can lead to sore spots because the plastic may rub various parts of the gums and mouth. An implant is embedded into the gum-line, ensuring that there won’t be any sore spots. Likewise, they can be more comfortable to have in the mouth than dentures.

You may also note that dental implants are much more convenient. You don’t have to remove them or use adhesives. Just brush and floss your teeth like usual, and they will last a lifetime.

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