Why Corrosive Storage Cabinets Are Necessary

If you regularly work with corrosives at your job, you may find that corrosive storage cabinets are located all over the facility. The reason is that these liquids and chemicals must be kept separate from other items because they could be flammable or corrosive. If they were to break while on a regular shelf, they could contaminate different products and produce vapours, that are dangerous to inhale.

Luckily, corrosive storage cabinets can help you. You’ll find two cabinet choices available. One is made of steel for corrosives that aren’t as dangerous. The other is made of polyethylene or other strong materials for a variety of acids, such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acid. In some cases, forced ventilation is also required.

The goal here is to find corrosive storage cabinets that fit your needs and adhere to any laws and rules that govern corrosives and storing them. Most companies will offer both regular versions and those made of polyethylene so that you can choose what’s best for your chemicals. Plus, they may also advise you on the best products. They should offer full steel walls or polyethylene, depending on the style. They may also have electrostatic finishes in a variety of colours so that you can ensure that no sparks will ignite the chemicals inside.

At EcoSpill, they offer both options and they are all tested for fire safety and approved, exceeding the Australian Standard AS3780-2008. They all come with polyethylene rip trays and may also have adjustable shelf heights so that you can have multiple chemical bottles of various sizes stored inside. You’ll also find a variety of sizes, allowing you to buy what you need to store the items you have. Similarly, you can also purchase multiple corrosive storage cabinets to house all the chemicals and corrosives that you work with on a daily basis.

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