Choosing Appropriate Security Screen Doors

Homeowners all over Australia are focusing on protecting their homes from intruders and may be thinking of having security screen doors installed in their home. If you’re thinking of such a project, there are many factors and features to consider.

The first consideration is the door frame and materials. Many people choose steel, metal alloys or aluminium because they are stronger, and stainless steel is the most durable option available. The contractor you choose will help you decide which mounting installation is best, such as flushed-mount and tube-frame mounting, depending on how natural you want the look to be.

When focused on security screen doors, you’ll also want to factor in the elements, such as sun and rain. Paint may seem like the best choice because it’s easy to do, but you should note that the sun will dry it out and make it peel. While it may not cause intruders to gain easy access, it will require a repainting and sometimes a resurfacing, which means more maintenance work for you. It’s usually best to go with powder-coated products because they form a skin that turns into a hard finish, much tougher than traditional paint.

At SP Screens, they are much different than their competitors because many newer companies promise things that they can’t deliver. However, they work differently because they know their reputation can only be defined by success and how well customers like their work. Therefore, they only work with the most reputable products, including Xceed, SecureView Eclipx, and others. They’re also considered Authorised Experts to partner with such quality brands. They guarantee that their security screen doors will endure any physical attack by insects and intruders, but that they will also work well with any styles and décor that your home may already have.

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