Higher Security For Sliding Screen Doors

Many homeowners enjoy the way sliding screen doors look in their home. You can slide them open to step out onto the balcony or patio, slide them partway shut to let in the breeze or let pets in and out, and so much more. They’re highly versatile, but they may not be as secure as you want.

Therefore, it’s best to consider security screens that fit over these doors just like any other door. You can have it slide along with the door as it opens, or have them separate so you can decide when to open it up to go in and out.

With sliding screen doors, you can open the glass door to see outside without inviting insects into the home. Plus, the screens are mesh wire, which ensures that the air from outside can flow into the house. You can leave your air conditioning off and enjoy the breeze, as well as the outdoor sounds, without dealing with flies, mosquitos, and wasps. The screen also acts as an added protection to the glass during storms. Therefore, if limbs or branches fall, they have less of a chance of breaking the glass because the screen protects it.

At SP Screens, they know homeowners in Australia want their homes to look good. You want to have pride in your house because it cost a lot of money and you work hard to pay for it so that it protects you and keeps you comfortable. It makes sense that you would upgrade areas to ensure that they are as durable as others. Adding screens to all the doors and windows in your home is the best way to protect your investment. Sliding screen doors give you peace of mind and added protection, making it safer and easier to relax.

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