Fantastic Flyscreens – The Latest Buzz

When it comes to revitalizing the atmosphere in your home, there is nothing quite like opening your windows to let in a mild summer breeze or the crisp cool wind. Constantly relying on air conditioning is harmful to the environment and your wallet, which is why airing out your rooms and bringing an element of the outdoors inside is essential. However, most people in Australia don’t leave their windows and doors open because of the many insects that also like to come into the house – insects that carry germs, bite, sting and pester your household members.

An insect screen is the most convenient solution to solve this problem. A flyscreen is a subtle, yet durable mesh that is fitted as a door or window screen and it acts as a barrier to protect you from creepy crawlies and flying nuisances. We have all been there – you lay down for a good night’s sleep, turn off the lights and then hear the approaching fleet of mosquitos that have set their sights on you. A fly screen will prevent these malicious mozzies from entering your bedroom. In fact, with a security fly screen, you can even lock your window screens for added security and enjoy sleeping with your window open.

SP Screens offers a variety of products to homeowners in many parts of Australia. A team of professionals custom-builds flyscreens for your windows and doors, whether they be single or double-hinged doors, multi-stacking or sliding doors. The latest buzz in the world of security screens is that customisation is greater than ever. You can now choose the type of screen mesh that best suits your needs, including retractable flyscreens, fibreglass, pet-proof and bushfire protective mesh. Most importantly, you will find an effective solution that maintains the aesthetic of your home, while improving energy efficiency, security and overall quality of life.

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