Why Flammable Cabinets Are Essential

Flammables are a necessity for many industries, but that also comes with more risk. You don’t want your employees to get hurt or burned, nor do you want your property to be damaged. Therefore, it is essential that your flammables are stored properly in flammable cabinets, which will keep any chemicals contained and safe, even if spillage does occur.

Flammable cabinets offer safe refuge for chemicals, even if exposed to heat or fire. It is required by law to meet all compliance regulations, and failing to do so can result in your business being shut down by the authorities. Flammable cabinets from Ecospill will keep you on the up-and-up.

You will want to choose flammable cabinets that have the sizes you require. For example, you’ll find 30L up to 250L options, so that you can store whatever you need to. You’ll also get fully-welded construction with 1.2mm steel double walls. It will also include electrostatic high-gloss powder coat finishes, dual vents for proper ventilation, and flash arresters. It should also come with self-closing doors that latch automatically, in case the employee is in a hurry and doesn’t shut it themselves.

At EcoSpill, everything you need has been considered. They only use the highest-quality materials because they realise how important it is to keep flammables safe. Their products come with stainless steel hinges and leak-proof containment sumps. You can also adjust the shelves. Everything has been fire tested and is ASAS1940-2004 compliant.

The cabinet will also come with all the proper insignia, such as “flammables” and “no smoking” signs. They are bright yellow for visibility, as well. Flammable cabinets are the perfect way to store flammables, such as fuel and oil to ensure the safety of everyone on the premise, as well as the property itself.

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