Why Consider Dental Implants In Newcastle

Many people have experienced tooth loss in their lives. Whether they got gum disease, decay, or had an accident, your teeth aren’t designed to take that much force. In some cases, they will become dislodged and may not be saved, especially if you didn’t go to the dentist immediately. If you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants in Newcastle could be the best solution.

They are made of titanium and are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Once it heals, a replacement tooth is added, which is just as strong as natural teeth. There is no risk of slippage as with dentures, and you can eat and speak as normal.

When considering dental implants in Newcastle, you’ll want to consider the dentist carefully. Make sure they have the experience to handle your case, which means they perform many procedures a year. They should explain the procedure to you and give you a realistic time frame. In most cases, it can take up to a year to complete the procedure because the gums have to heal and the bone has to fuse with the implant. Therefore, you should be prepped in advance so that you understand what will happen.

At Newcastle Dental Care, they understand the importance of having all your teeth. They also realise that situations can occur that cause you to lose the tooth. They don’t judge you for past mistakes but will discuss all your options. These can include dentures and other features. However, they promote implantation because it has a high success rate for many adults and can be easier to deal with than traditional dentures and bridges. Dental implants prevent bone disintegration, allow you to eat as normal, and even brush and floss the faux tooth, ensuring that you live a normal life.

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