The Elements Of Commercial Interior Design

When considering the inside of your office building, it’s important to determine the right designs and options for your needs. Your business should make a statement to everyone who enters. Therefore, you’ll want to learn more about the elements of commercial interior design to ensure that you have balance and comfort.


Creating balance in an office may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are three types of balance, including asymmetrical, radial and symmetrical. With symmetrical, everything on one side is similar to the other side. The desk may be in the middle, with an equal number of chairs on each side. The walls may have the same number of pictures or shelves.

Asymmetrical balance is easier to achieve and works by having objects that are different, but have the same amount of eye appeal or weight while radial symmetry focuses on a central point with things “spiralling” outward.

Focus Points

Commercial interior design is different than home designs but still requires a focus point. Primarily, the focal point will be the desk. It symbolises the place to go when you arrive and gives you something to look at.


Most people don’t think of rhythm in their office, but repetition is essential to create balance and calmness. You want organisation, which occurs through repetition. Therefore, you’ll want to consider colours, patterns, lines, textures and other things that have a similar theme throughout. Sydney Office Fitout Company uses colour frequently to portray rhythm or repetition because it is simple and is cost effective.

However, with repetition, you also need contrasts. For example, if your theme is colours and the colour of choice is neutral tones, you can add eye-catching pops of colour through flowers, books, and other accent pieces to provide the wow factor.

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