Sydney Specialist Periodontist: When To Visit

General dentists are the best place to go when you need routine or preventative care. However, sometimes, specialists are necessary, and you shouldn’t wait to see one. A Sydney specialist periodontist can help you with your gum disease.

Periodontists have gone through more dental training than general dentists, which means they can specialise in the gum area and help with gum disease. While routine cleanings and frequent brushing/flossing are essential, they might not be enough.

A Sydney specialist periodontist offers a deep cleaning that your general dentist can’t perform. When gums get an infection, tiny pockets can open up between the gums and the teeth. They can be inflamed and filled with bacteria. Periodontists can clean out those tiny pockets, which are small, and put in some medication to help the pockets close up and the gums heal. Sometimes, it requires two sessions to ensure that the teeth are cleaned as well as possible beneath the gums. By doing this as early as possible, the gums have time to heal; if you wait too long, the pockets can continue growing and may get so big that teeth start falling out. The only treatment then is to consider dental implants or dentures.

Toothsome has a Sydney specialist periodontist, Dr. Patty Chou, and she can help you with your treatment from the moment you walk inside. They start with a consultation to determine what is wrong and what can be done to fix it. Many times, when you are referred to them, the situation is already dire. However, they will make you feel relaxed and at ease throughout the process. They realise that you’re worried and anxious already; you wouldn’t be there if something weren’t amiss. However, they will find the right treatment for you so that you can go back to being pain-free.

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