Sticker Printing – Best Tool to Advertise

When you start a local business your main clientele is going to be, you guessed it, local. This means that increasing your visibility within your community is a great way to advertise. Think about it this way, you spend five days a week sitting in traffic in your car. When you go to the store, your car is there, and people are walking by it. Make it work for you. You can also choose to hand out free stickers to increase visibility. Here are just a few ways you can use stickers for your advertising campaign and why you want to.

Car Advertising

Your car takes you everywhere, so naturally, it gets around town. When you are sitting in traffic or the store, and your car is parked outside, no one is paying attention to it because nothing makes it stand out. If however, you were to use vehicle stickers on it then it gives your car something that will grab people’s attention. This is when they will notice your advertisement. The best thing about using car stickers as advertisements is that they are easily removable. One manufacturer, Gecko Stickers and Signage, actually offer reusable stickers that rely on small suction cups rather than adhesive, making them even better for car window use. You can request a quote from their website.

Free Handouts

Stickers are cheap to produce in bulk, so consider a handout campaign. Find other local businesses and restaurants where you can leave free stickers for people to take. The trick here is that you need to come up with a sticker design that is going to entice people to take one. The way handout campaigns work is not exactly like visibility campaigns which focus on being seen. When you give someone something for free, they are more likely to remember you and will be more likely to choose your business over your competition who only does visibility advertising.

Custom stickers can be a powerful advertising tool when used correctly. The biggest goal is to make customers remember your name and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to give them something for free.

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