Spill Containment Trays – An Easy Solution For Containing Any Spills

If you find yourself dealing with small spills regularly, you aren’t alone. Many facilities work with a wide variety of liquids, some corrosive or hazardous, and spillage is a common occurrence. While you’ve got many options for large spills, you don’t need to waste all that money and product for a little spill. You still, however, need to keep them contained, so they don’t drip or ruin the floor and furniture.

What To Do

If your employees frequently work with small quantities of chemicals, you need to ensure that they remain in one spot. They may be doing experiments or creating a custom-made solution, but they’re working on a desk or table, and you want to prevent spills or drips. Spill containment trays are your answer, as they can be placed on the table and can also function as a work surface. You put all the chemicals or liquids on top of the tray, and anything that’s spilled will be instantly contained.

How Much Can They Handle?

Some people worry about spill containment trays not holding enough liquid. However, they can hold up to 19 litres of liquid, making them a handy thing to have for even mid-size or small spills with no overflow. In most cases, you won’t even be close to capacity.

What Next

Once you’ve had a spill and you have it completely contained with your spill containment trays, you’ll still need to clean up the mess. While harmless liquids, such as water, can be dumped down the sink drain, most will require a specialty product, called a spill kit. It contains absorbent materials to soak up the liquid so that it can be disposed of properly. You can find both the trays and the kits at EcoSpill.

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