Renovating Bathrooms: Tips And Hints

Bathrooms may be the smallest room in the house, but renovating bathrooms is anything but a small project. Depending on the age of the home, a complete renovation may mean removing old plaster, cast iron pipes, and out-of-date wiring. Although the room may be small, the number of decisions that need making, both aesthetic and functional, will equal a complex renovation elsewhere in the house. Before the job is completed, you can expect to see many tradesmen come and go; electricians, plumbers, tile installers, carpenters, and more.

Budgets for renovating bathrooms can run from the lows to the highs, but there are ways to create a bathroom that looks and feels luxurious without breaking your budget. Although you might want new fixtures, you can save a considerable amount of money by using some that still work well rather than replacing them with modern, up-to-date fixtures. By doing this, you can eliminate the cost of rerouting drains and water pipes. This is especially important if your house sits on a slab, as to get at the plumbing, the contractor will have to dig up the concrete floor.

Oxford Bathrooms have been building beautiful bathrooms for close to two decades; they have amassed a great deal of experience, which is going to make your job go much smoother and much quicker. The company understands that no two people have the same idea when it comes to their bathroom, and as such, they start the renovation process by coming to your home, assessing what you have, listening carefully to your ideas, and then offering advice. Once the planning and designing stages are complete, a team of qualified tradespeople move in, overseen by a bathroom renovation manager. As the job progresses, every aspect will be carefully monitored, and you have an expert to answer any questions you may have. Renovating bathrooms is a full-time job for the experts at Oxford Bathrooms.

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