Micro Feather Brows In Australia: Benefits

While many eyebrow trends come and go, the micro feather brows in Australia is here to stay. It’s highly popular because you get perfect styles and a natural look. Though the full eyebrow is quite popular, you can choose something a little thinner that fits your face and bone structure. You will work with an artist to decide the best styling for you. This service is ideal for people who tend to over-pluck their brows or have alopecia and other medical conditions that result in hair loss.

It’s important to understand the technique so that you’re prepared for it. Micro feather brows in Australia is similar to tattooing, but it is a little different. For one, the machine used looks like a pen with tiny needles at the end. These scratch the surface and also deposit pigment under the skin. Traditional tattoo ink isn’t used because it fades to a bluish-black colour with time. This isn’t ideal for eyebrows. Instead, your artist matches the pigment shade to your skin tone and hair colouring. As such, the device used creates individual hair strokes, which look more like brow hairs. You don’t get a full, dark eyebrow that’s tattooed all at once.

Tanya Beauty Care Studio & Academy features a variety of eyebrow services. Micro feather brows in Australia is quite popular. Sometimes called microblading, it uses hypo-allergenic pigments and a machine to create fine hair strokes. It can last up to two years, though results can vary. With that is the powder/ombre brow procedure. It creates a similar effect as using a brow pencil or powder. You can also choose to use both treatments at once to create the ideal eyebrow for your face. Consider visiting to learn more about the procedures. It’s also possible to enquire about services with the online form and can have a representative contact you.

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