Liverpool Dentist: Change Your Smile

A beautiful smile requires beautiful teeth. Even if you religiously practice excellent dental hygiene, over time, your teeth can get small chips and cracks, and they can discolour. When your teeth are unattractive, there is a tendency to smile less, and when you do, you cover your mouth.

A Liverpool dentist has the solution. There are many cosmetic treatments available today that address these issues and will soon restore your confidence and give you back your brilliant smile.

A very common treatment that is employed to cover imperfections is dental veneers. If your impression of a veneer comes from your understanding of plywood, you are not far off. A dental veneer is a thin sliver of porcelain or resin that is fitted to the exposed surface of your teeth. The veneers are custom made to fit perfectly. Once they have been bonded to your teeth and any minor imperfection dealt with, you can say goodbye to stains, chips, and cracks. The veneer is the same thickness as the tooth enamel that was ground off to accept them. In fact, they soon become just another part of your mouth.

There are two approaches to veneers; your dentist at No Gaps Dental will be able to explain both approaches in detail. You can use porcelain veneers that are produced in a dental lab and then fitted to the tooth; of the two approaches, this is the most expensive, but they also last far longer. The other approach is to have the dentist apply a resin material directly to the surface of your teeth. This method is somewhat less expensive, but conversely, the resin veneer may only last five or six years before it has to be done again. Do not hesitate to discuss veneers and other cosmetic dental procedures with your Liverpool dentist to find out which procedure works for you.

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