Going To The Dentist In Tumut

Most adults in Tumut know that they should be seeing their dentist twice a year for regular cleanings and check-ups. However, many adults don’t go because they’re afraid or just don’t find the time. It can be easy to put off dental care when your teeth aren’t bothering you, but it’s also the best time for care.

Dentists will check each tooth for decay or signs that decay could soon take hold. They will also determine the health of your gums and perform an exam of your head and neck. They may also screen for cancer and check for indications of other health conditions, such as a vitamin deficiency or diabetes. They may ask you to bite down gently to determine your bite pattern and check the jaw joints (TMJ).

The examination isn’t something to be afraid of because it rarely hurts, though you can experience minor discomfort when they take x-rays or when they ask you to open wider so they can look inside your mouth. The dentist in Tumut will likely be friendly and courteous, explaining what they’re going to do and ensuring that you feel comfortable. They will also clean your teeth or suggest that you get a deep cleaning, depending on your gum health.

At Wagga Family Dentist, they are devoted to giving you the best dental service possible. They want to help you maintain oral health so that you enjoy smiling for many years to come. While they offer general dentistry, they can also provide you with cosmetic options, such as whitening and crowns. Along with everything else, they can provide emergency care, ensuring that you get the help you need when you’re in pain or lose a tooth. Dentists in Tumut are there to help you care for your teeth so that they remain strong and durable for years to come.

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