Electrician – Rewiring Your Home Electrical System

The home electrical system is more important than you might think. Sure, most of the wiring that is threaded throughout the home will be concealed by protective casing, so you may not notice that it is even there. However, the job it does is extremely important and if the wires become aged, tangled or damaged, the service panel might corrode and you could be experiencing an electrical outage without warning. This is why it is important to get in contact with a licensed electrician who can inspect the home electrical system and rewire, if the following signs of a problem are present.

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker when it is windy outside will indicate that there may be a problem with the outer wiring on a property. An electrician in Australia will be able to work in outdoor environments and in particular, in difficult locations. When wiring is frayed in the weatherhead, which is the special outdoor fitting that is used to pass wiring through the walls inside the property, it will need to be removed. The lighting electrical system will then be completely rewired to stop further problems from occurring. Lighting will be tested for safety before the electrician finishes his or her job, so you won’t have to worry about fire hazards, power cuts, etc.

Underground Receptacles

There is no need to worry too much about underground receptacles, because they do not break code violations. However, underground receptacles can make it a struggle for electrical currents to pass through the wiring safely. An electrician will first inspect the problem for you, before assessing the danger condition. Keep in mind that the chances of being electrocuted will increase if the wrong plug is forced into a socket in a property that has underground receptacles. If the electrician discovers that some receptacles are overground, they can be rewired.

Over-wiring Issues

Sometimes, properties that are fairly compact in size (but that depend on the use of a medley of electrical appliances) will be over-wired. This is a serious threat to health and safety and can lead to the bundling of wires, as well as damage and tripping hazards. An over-wired panel could blow at any second, especially if it is dealing with a stronger current of electricity than it is capable of handling. A sub-panel can be fitted by an electrical contractor and this will be designed with extra slots for the powering of appliances and devices.

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