Disability Services Are Working to Build a Better Community

Disabilities can be mild, moderate or severe. They can have a huge negative impact on someone’s life, or they could cause a bit of inconvenience for the disabled individual. Whatever physical impairment is stopping a person from leading a normal lifestyle, disability services could help. Also referred to as disability therapy, disability services open up a world of opportunity for anyone who is affected by chronic medical conditions. Dealing with the issue can be difficult at first, because after all, who wants to open up to a stranger about their problems? If you’re unsure about whether these services are the right option for you or someone close to you, discover how they also have a positive effect on the community.1
Why Get Involved with the Community?

As a disabled individual, you might be confined to the four walls of your house. Maybe you have a friend or family member who visits you throughout the week, or who takes you on days out? If your situation is the latter – great, but it isn’t easy to depend on someone to spend time with you whenever they have their own free time. By getting amidst the community happenings with a support group that offers disability services, community involvement will soon become a love of yours. From art classes to dance groups, there are so many different things on offer that you are guaranteed to make new friends or even pick up a new skill!

Examples of Community Involvement

So, you are intrigued by the sound of community involvement, huh? This is something that a disability services professional will encourage all of the people they work with to do, because what better way to build confidence and gain a better quality of life than by sharing experiences with other people living in the community? Examples of popular community involvement programs include event volunteering, park picnics, community clean-ups and challenging events.

Types of Disability Services

It’s not just socialising that the people working at a disability services facility will want you to get involved in but also, a medley of other activities and sessions. You will work alongside organisations and receive the highest standard of care and guidance in relation to life skills, creative arts, home support, post-school options, sports activities and even help finding a job! That’s right, no matter what disability you have, the job opportunities will broaden when you work with the right team.

If a member of your family requires disability services of some kind, you can put your trust in CPL’s team to assist. For information about their community events, call 1800 275 753.

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