Dentist In Hornsby: What They Do

Your dentist in Hornsby can help you prevent a variety of tooth issues, such as decay. Your teeth take on a yellowish or whitish film called plaque, and it is the primary cause of tooth decay. This substance is acidic and sits on the tooth, eating away the enamel. If you don’t get it removed by a professional, it can harden to tartar and can’t be brushed away. Dentists focus on scraping away the hardened plaque and cleaning off the acidic film, which removes the bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

Your dentist in Hornsby doesn’t just focus on the teeth. They also prevent gum disease, which is related to tooth decay. It starts when plaque builds up and hardens, forcing the gums to eventually separate from the teeth. The plaque builds up and moves down the tooth into the root. If it gets past that point, it can move into the jaw, which causes your teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. While it’s a scary scenario, it is preventable and curable. If you don’t have it now, dentists can prevent it from happening. If you do have it and catch it in time, it can be reversed, and the gums and teeth can be healed.

No Gaps Dental offers a variety of services, some of which are only available at certain locations. If you’re looking for a dentist in Hornsby, they provide check-ups and cleanings, as well as general examinations. They make it highly convenient to book an appointment, as you can do so online, even if you’re a new patient. They list all available appointments (and dentists who are serving that day), so you’re well-informed. If you want to consider cosmetic or restorative dentistry, they can help, as well. You may need to visit a different location for advanced dental treatment.

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