Dental Implants In Penrith: The Benefits

In most cases, regular visits to the dentists and good oral hygiene are all you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong. However, issues can arise where you lose a tooth or have one knocked out. When these issues arise, it is essential that you get that tooth replaced.

While many people consider bridges and dentures, dental implants in Penrith may be the best choice. For one, they can last longer than a bridge. In most cases, an implant can last your lifetime, and the crown that goes over it can last up to 10 years or longer. A bridge only lasts up to seven years.

Dental implants in Penrith are also better than bridges because they don’t have to do damage to other teeth. Before a bridge can be placed, surrounding teeth have to be filed down, which means you lose enamel and make those teeth more susceptible to decay. Therefore, if you choose a bridge and later decide you want an implant, you have to replace the surrounding teeth, as well. As with anything, the goal is to make the process easier on you and give you the full benefits of natural teeth, such as the look, feel, and the ability to eat and clean your teeth as normal.

At No Gaps Dental, they understand how upsetting it can be to lose a tooth and wonder about your next step. While it’s easy to ignore the situation, you may find yourself unsmiling when in public. Along with such, other options for replacement may not be as suitable since they require adhesives, damages, and other problems. Dental implants in Penrith can help you get back your self-esteem, feel more comfortable in social situations, and make it easy to brush and floss as normal.

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