Carbon Fibre Poles: Considerations For Cleaning

Most people believe that they need to use cleaning products to ensure that the windows look spotless and clear. While you can find detergents that are appropriate for windows or can use window cleaner, you may find that you don’t need to do so. Carbon fibre poles allow for pure water cleaning. The WFP (Water-fed Pole) system uses a wet brush to loosen any dirt, and you also get a rinse from the same area. De-ionised water is used for the rinsing and cleaning to prevent more build-up and keeps the window from developing streaks.

Pure water has no Total Dissolved Solids in it. Of course, rainwater is considered to be pure, but it varies based on the pollution level of your area. Purified water is one of the best cleaning agents available, and it is highly desirable for cleaning the body and clothing. Carbon fibre poles allow you to clean the windows without any TDS, but it also extends your arm considerably. You can reach farther with the pole, so you may not need to stand on a ladder or on tiptoe, both of which can be dangerous if you aren’t careful or have a misstep.

Window Cleaning Supplies offers a variety of products to help you clean your windows sufficiently and easily. Whether you own a cleaning company or you want the maintenance crew to handle the cleaning, you need the right equipment. Carbon fibre poles can extend up to seven meters. You can find five-section options that are lightweight while still being strong. The outer skin of the product is tough and moulded to prevent breakage. You also get nylon contour clamps. The pole itself is an excellent addition to your cleaning arsenal, but you can also find an assortment of pole hoses, kits, and brushes to go along with it.

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